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Unique is the case of 'Judgment Creditor'; disgracefully the perpetrator is the 'Executive Branch of Abu Dhabi, UAE'...
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Don't let fraudsters remain in the shadows - expose & protest! Here we take a look at what's the legal points of interest.

Action Plan:- Persons to be prosecuted in the case in United Arab Emirates (UAE)

1) Captain Hamad Ahmed, then Head of Security Department, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Captain Hamad Ahmed, the then Head of Security Department disobayed the 'Historic Judgment' by the Legal Courts of Abu Dhabi.

Dispite the order of both the Courts, the Legal Court of First Instance and the Apex Court of Abu Dhabi that to compensate the victim for all his sufferings by pronouncing his innocence, he was deported from the UAE by leveling a “false statement of facts as if the victim was punished for crime".

The mere fact that the Court has found the whole case was fabricated and the police was the master brain behind all the manipulations. Captain Hamad Ahmed is accountable for the denial of justice to the victim who had already been declared innocent by the Apex Court of Abu Dhabi, with further directives to UAE officials to compensate for all the inhuman tortures inflicted up on him and for business losses, fame and dignity he suffered by the case fabricated against him and found to be so by the Judge. (View Judgment)

Despite the order of the highest Courts of the land, the victim was deported from UAE by leveling a false statement of facts, which twisted all the incidents upside down, causing great physical pain and mental anguish. Residence Visa of the victim has been cancelled as per the Order No.2/52/32457 dated 25-09-1996. A “No Entry Seal” has also been affixed illegally in the Passport of the victim. The Police Officer who had taken an oath to be truthful in his duties and loyal to his country, stooped down to the bottom line of a liar. Thus the officer, Captain Hamad Ahmed defamed the victim without due respect, who was otherwise innocent of the charges accused against him. The ill-fate of the innocent victim continued to the next level from this point. (View Judgment)

2) Mr. Ahmed Abdulla Abdul Khadir, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Mr. Ahmed Abdulla Abdul Khadir, (A police officer from Abu Dhabi Police Department who came to the victim’s premises along with the complainant Hassan Saeed Hassan) who led the conspiracy by reporting a wrong story of assaulting him and other two policemen while on duty. It has to be noted that during the course of trial, Mr. Ahmed Abdulla Abdul Khadir, the police officer had withdrawn his complaint against the victim. In this connection, the Judge observed this is a solid evidence that the accused (victim) did not resist the police man, but the accused was attacked and injuries were found on them according to medical report”.

All the above mentioned presumptions confirm that the victim is free from accusation of applying force against the police man. The wrongfull arrest, torture and other cruel, inhumane acts committed by Abu Dhabi police against the victim, as documented in the Judgment must be exposed and appropriate legal action should be initiated in accordance with the law of the land.. (View Judgment)

3) Mr. Hassan Saeed Hassan, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Mr. Hassan Saeed Hassan, a local person belonging to Abu Dhabi, it was his malafide and ill intentions, that had influenced the police and wrongfully arrested the victim on frivolous charges, unsupported by any evidence or material etc., all that proved and documented in the Appeal Court Judgment. The lower court has already found him guilty and ordered prosecution against Mr. Hassan Saeed in this regard.

The main ill-intention of Hassan Saeed was to get cancel a lease deed of his building, covering 24 flats signed between him and the victim and to withdraw a lawsuit brought before the civil court by victim. There was an amount worth UAE Dirham 3,00,000.00 (AED 3 Lakhs) had already been spent the victim on behalf of his principal company, the Premier General Contracting, for renovation works that includes the cost of material and manpower. There were many serious complications were listed in the Civil Suit against Mr. Hassan Saeed as a Landlord. The innocence of the victim and the conspiracy on the part of the complainant Hassan Saeed are the important and thrusting points in the case. (View Judgment)

4) Persons in the Interior Ministry of United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Persons in the Interior Ministry of United Arab Emirates who disobayed the 'Historic Judgment' pronounced by the Legal Courts of Abu Dhabi. Dispite the order of both the Courts, the First Court of Instance and the Apex Court of Abu Dhabi, to compensate the victim for all his sufferings, he was deported from the UAE by leveling “false statement of facts as if the victim was punished for crime.

The subsequent fact that the judgment implementation was twisted and torpedoed by the persons in the Interior Ministry of Abu Dhabi. The Interior Ministry of UAE is accountable for the breach of trust when these officials resorted to deport the victim from UAE. It has been proved that they have made false representation of the highest court of the country, with an evil intention to cause injury to the victim. Their malicious action could be proved on going through the reasons they have enlisted in the order of deportation.

The deportation that again caused great physical pain and emotional stress, loss of his dignity and respect including the entire further financial losses and the inability to recapture the past glory and fame, which the victim could have achieved had the judgment of the Legal Courts of Abu Dhabi had been implemented in time, which strengthens the case further. (View the Order)

5) Mr. Abdul Jaleel, Indian National, a resident in Abu Dhabi, UAE
Mr. Abdul Jaleel, Indian National, the person to whom a Power of Attorney was given by the victim, to take possession and care of his assets, in good faith, before he was deported to India (in defiance of the orders of the Apex Court). Abdul Jaleel took greater advantage of the unlawful order of deportation issued by Captain Hamad Ahamad, Head of Security Department, Abu Dhabi. Without revealing the factual position of acquittal of the victim by the Apex Court of Abu Dhabi vide its order referred to above. Abdul Jaleel utilized the Order of Deportation wrongly issued by Captain Hamad Ahmad.

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The deportation order was produced before the Sub Inspector, Guruvayur Police Station, Kerala. There he told fabricated story that the victim was jailed in Abu Dhabi for criminal offence for one year and that he was a deported person. This statement of Abdul Jaleel, forwarded to the High Court of Kerala further defamed the accused. By such a false statement, Abdul Jaleel tried, and succeeded greatly in reducing the status and dignity of the victim.

The story what Mr. Jaleel has given in his ‘statement’ before the High Court of Kerala is absolutely false. The fraudulent and deceiving character have to be exposed and appropriate legal action should be initiated in India as well as in Abu Dhabi for defaming the victim, depriving him of his dignity and also pushing him down to a lower strata of an ex-convict of Abu Dhabi. He should also be proceeded against both in India and Abu Dhabi for defaming and cheating the victim and illegally taking over his assets. View documents: Man with power of attorney, UAE. The accused of stealing funds

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Mindful, in particular, that a judgment debt is hanging over the Abu Dhabi Emirate, United Arab Emirates. The judgment is binding and enforceable by the court of Abu Dhabi from where the ruling came from. It should also be kept in mind that successor governments remain bound by the acts incurred by the predecessor governments. The Judgment debt of Abu Dhabi, can be eliminated or satisfied by the enforcement of judgments and legal remedies...Investors

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"The legal instruments that a nation or government develops are aimed at dealing effectively with every crime and providing meaningful relief to victims of their circumstances. When these legal principles are ignored it would only erode the public faith and confidence in the judicial system"...A project is aimed at giving effect to Court Judgments that remains unexecuted or unsatisfied

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