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'The Sales Prospects of UAE Judgments'

A unique and assured investment opportunity for ‘Social Justice', because of its strong Legal back-up and Government support. “The execution of Judgments of the UAE Court is a part of ‘Indo-Gulf Reparation’ Movement”. Millions of Overseas Indians will be the beneficiaries of a 'Mutual Reparation Mechanism' if put into practical effect.... 'Let us strengthen the bonds of friendship between India and Gulf Countries'

United Nations Human Rights Instruments

International Human Rights Law & Protection Mechanisms

Fulfilling Our Treaty Obligations and Protecting Americans Abroad

What role for India in the protection of their citizens abroad? ... More Detail

Selling Court awarded Judgments - UAE Court Judgments For Sale

What are the major factors that will influence the UAE Judgment portfolio is worth?

Promotional Marketing Campaigns Worldwide - A Portfolio of UAE Judgments For Sale! ... More Detail

New to Judgment Investing?

Visit the FAQ, learn about the Judgment investments and read our guides for all you need to know about social Justice

Reparation Law:-

'The principle of due recognition of victimhood plays a very important role in reparations granted by international human rights law. It is worth recalling that in international law the notion of harm has not only material but also moral dimensions. In international human rights law this has translated into the recognition that violations are capable of causing mental damage and emotional suffering, which has allowed international human rights bodies to consider the victims or next of kin of direct victims of human rights violations, their dependents and persons who have suffered harm in intervening to assist them or to prevent victimization, as victims in their own right'. (Many other vital resources and lessons have also been highlighted at:, the research portal)

Web campaigns and web applications are developed in concert with the goals of the client in order to achieve maximum impact in the most efficient means possible. The Legal Cell will use web based networks, online ads, social media campaigns etc., to create awareness.

Special features of the Legal Cell:-

  • It will be headed by experts in the various disciplines of Law.
  • It will have the support of the National and International Exposure.
  • It will have the support and advocacy of the Human Rights NGO's.
  • It will be supported by Lobbyists if the nature of the case warrants such support.
  • To organize awareness programmes, seminars and symposiums on the subject of Reparations, participate in the development of 'Reparation Mechanisms' and compensation framework to redress the agonies of victims and to get them the benefits as approved of and accepted by the International Law and the Law of Nations.

Facility to review the evidences and documents of court records:-

We also provide for a complete review of evidence and documents of past Court records to enable our clients to prepare their cases without leaving any legal issue un-addressed. Visit Legal Cell’s work at Lawyers India: UAE Case Diary

Facility to meet the legal experts from India, UK and the US:-

Apart from the correspondence through the Web, a client is desirous of meet the Legal experts for a personal appraisal, he or she can get in touch with us and fix an appointment and hold discussions. It includes barristers, solicitors and legal experts from India, United Kingdom and the US legal practitioners choosing from amongst the various alternatives.

Campaign Services:-

Rome Statute initiatives and Universal Ratification campaigns
The Rome Statute (of the International Criminal Court) initiatives and Universal Ratification campaigns at both the domestic and global-regional spheres

Reparations project:-

Reparations project we have undertaken, based on Non-enforcement of domestic judicial decisions representing the denial of justice. Buy, sell and trade unexecuted Legal Judgments. A stock market for Court-ordered Reparations! Read more on the black hole of unexecuted legal Judgments in United Arab Emirates (UAE)

In the era of globalization, technological capabilities and trends, the promotion of the rule of law based on international values are more important than ever. Reparation is committed with great enthusiasm and passion, accepting today's challenges and certainly becoming an important part of the global reparations movement...Read More

Human rights or civil liberties form a crucial part of a country's constitution and govern the rights of the individual against the state.

judgment for sale

Safeguard the Rule of Law by ensuring Justice, Freedom and Peace in society.


Demanding Justice, Truth and Court-ordered reparations
Respect Judicial decisions and uphold the rule of law.

Mindful, in particular, that a judgment debt is hanging over the Abu Dhabi Emirate, United Arab Emirates. The judgment is binding and enforceable by the court of Abu Dhabi from where the ruling came from. It should also be kept in mind that successor governments remain bound by the acts incurred by the predecessor governments. The Judgment debt of Abu Dhabi, can be eliminated or satisfied by the enforcement of judgments and legal remedies...Investors

An innovative project ‘Judgment For Sale’

"The legal instruments that a nation or government develops are aimed at dealing effectively with every crime and providing meaningful relief to victims of their circumstances. When these legal principles are ignored it would only erode the public faith and confidence in the judicial system"...A project is aimed at giving effect to Court Judgments that remains unexecuted or unsatisfied

Is the External Affairs Ministry of India above the Law?

The External Affairs Ministry, Government of India, Respondent in C.W.No.4972/97 (C.M.9144/97) was directed by High Court of Delhi, an order of mandamus to dispose of the representation submitted by petitioner within two months of the date of the Judgment. The directives contained in the judgment of Delhi High Court was dated 20-11-1997. In total negation of such a specific order of the Delhi High Court, the External Affairs Ministry, despite the lapse of 16 years of date of the judgment, demonstrates a blatant disrespect to the law of the country....Is the External Affairs Ministry of India above the Law?

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