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Getting a Judgment in a civil lawsuit means the ‘Decree holder’ is then entitled to recover the money and damages from the debtor. But in this unique and historic case that arose in Abu Dhabi, the ‘Emirati debtor’, who took it as a revenge ...
"A true story of ‘outright fraud’ perpetrated by a wealthiest ruling regime, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE)"



About the Author

The author, Mr. Jabir, an Indian businessman and investor, who was engaged in General Contracting and Trading in Abu Dhabi for over 18 years. Jabir was closely associated with the Private Department of Shaikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al-Nahyan, the then Emir of Abu Dhabi and also the President of United Arab Emirates and contributed much to the development of that country. Most importantly, he is a total FOUR times of Judgment Creditor (1 Civil & 3 Criminal Court Judgments) from the Legal Courts of Abu Dhabi, in his fight against police misconduct including the multiple forms of crime taking place under the wings of Ministry of Interior United Arab Emirates (UAE), such as fraud, forgery, extortion, embezzlement, and many other offenses.

In November, 1996, Jabir became the Whistleblower, taken efforts to improve the regime’s brutal prison conditions by exposing the cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment prevailing in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, UAE. Jabir continues to expose the atrocities of the brutal despotic regime of Abu Dhabi, the gross violation of well-set principles of Human Rights against their people and the migrant workers in particular, by writing and reporting the truth about the regimes of United Arab Emirates, in the public interest, despite the threats to silence the whistleblower.

The Case: The tyranny in the ‘Judgment Creditor’s case was that he'd been forced to deal with the unjust or oppressive Governmental powers both in the UAE as well as in INDIA to legally enforce a portfolio of ‘Judgments’. [P.K. Jabir v Union Government of India & The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA)]

An article published on May 23, 2017 By Jabir P: The Shocking History of ‘Al Wathba’ Central Prison, Abu Dhabi and a ‘Culture of Deception & Secrecy’

'Letter to Dr. Shri. Shashi Tharoor: Hon'ble Member of Parliament and Chairman of the Parliamentary - Standing Committee on External Affairs'

A reply from Prime Minister's Office containing "action not warranted": Dated 25th March, 2015 under Right to Information Act

RTI Application to the PMO; MEA (and others): Application for Information under Right to Information Act to the CPIO, Ministry of External Affairs - February 24, 2015

Here's the White Paper: 'Unique is the case of 'Judgment Creditor'; disgracefully the perpetrator is the 'Executive Branch of Abu Dhabi, UAE'... White Paper’

Reminder Notice: 'Reminder to the Ministry of External Affairs, in relation with the 'Representation' - Reminder dated July 16, 2014’

Abu Dhabi Police: “Marking the 20th Anniversary of the ‘Abu Dhabi Police-Looting"

Here's the full story: (Real-life Judgment Fraud by the UAE Administration Uncovered!).

The High Court of Delhi: [P.K. Jabir v Union Government of India & The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA)]

Key Excerpts of Judgment, the Supreme Court of Abu Dhabi, UAE

Judgment (Legal Court of First Instace) of Ministry of Justice, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Document Exhibits: Jabir's Case

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    "The Sale Prospects of UAE Judgments" A unique and assured investment opportunity for ‘Social Justice', because of its strong Legal back-up. “The execution of Judgments of the UAE Court is a part of ‘Indo-Gulf Reparation’ Movement”. Millions of Indians working abroad will be the beneficiaries of a 'Mutual Reparation Mechanism' if put into practical effect. Let us strengthen the bonds of friendship between India and Gulf Countries

    International Human Rights Law & Protection Mechanisms’

    The United Nations is an international organization founded in 1945. All Member States of United Nations (UN) have an obligation to promote and protect Human Rights and fundamental freedoms as stated (in Articles 55 and 56) in the Charter of the United Nations. International Human Rights Law & Protection Mechanisms‚
    The UN Charter | The General Assembly | The Security Council | International Court of Justice | OHCHR | UN Charter-Based Mechanisms | UN Human Rights Council | UN Treaty-based bodies | International Human Rights | Special Procedures of the Human Rights Council | The Paris Principles | The UN system | The Trust Fund for Victims (TFV) | Complaint Procedure

    Global Practice of Reparation Laws & Mechanisms

    Since the establishment of United Nations, a wide range of Human Rights instruments have been developed in different regions of the world to the full development of the human personality and to the strengthening of respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms...Global Practice of Reparation Laws & Mechanisms
    American Mechanisms | European Mechanisms | African Mechanisms | The Paris Principles | The Human Rights Council | International Human Rights Mechanisms

    Indo-Gulf Reparation Mechanisms

    The establishment of a viable ‘Reparation Mechanism’ Between India and Gulf Countries. The mandate of UN General Assembly adoption of resolution reads as "States shall, with respect to claims by victims, enforce domestic judgments for reparation against individuals or entities liable for the harm suffered and endeavour to enforce valid foreign legal judgments for reparation in accordance with domestic law and international legal obligations. Read Full

    States as Guardians of the Rights of Individuals

    The doctrine of "International responsibility" under the rules protecting individuals from official abuses has undergone a significant evolution.

    The State of the injured national to claim against the offending State at the inter-State level. As explained by Professor van Boven. "The subject who has suffered the injury is not the individual person, or for that matter, a group of persons, but the State of which the person or the group of persons is or are national(s). It is in this perspective that States may claim reparation from the offending State but the victims themselves have no standing to bring international claims".

    The help guidance and cooperation of all Overseas Indians and their organizations are solicited for this great venture to give legal relief to the large number of Overseas Indians.

    View more at: States as Guardians of the Rights of Individuals

    Debtors who hide Judicial decisions to avoid honoring obligations

    There are diabolical debtors who hide Judicial decisions, commit fraud or other henious acts to avoid honoring obligations!...Read More

    The European Union must be congratulated for its bold move

    The European Union has passed a resolution strongly condemning the UAE for its Human Rights violations...Read More

    Buy Sell or Trade Judgments

    Consider selling or assigning your judgment to someone who will hold the debtor accountable. View a list of 'Diabolical Debtors' who have taken extreme measures to avoid honoring their obligations in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

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    Lawyers India

    The Lawyers India Legal Research & Outsourcing is fully equipped to offer all essential legal support services to assist US-based Lawyers and Corporate Legal Departments in successfully pursuing their litigation cases at all levels. We involve ourselves in supporting our clients in all legal research and writing, in preparation of cases and other incidental legal tasks.

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    Overseas Indians Legal Solutions

    Reports about the suffering of the migrants population were on the increase. Though the media did take special interests in exposing the problems of Overseas Indians, no tangible establishments to deal with the legal problems of Overseas Indians could be formulated.

    Read more at: Overseas Indians Legal Solutions

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